Press Release

Consultation on National Data Strategy on Children’s Lives

The Office of the Minister for Children and Youth Affairs today launched a public consultation process on the development of its National Data Strategy on Children’s Lives. This strategy will set out the vision, goals, principles and actions needed to achieve good quality, easily accessible, internationally comparable information about the lives of children in Ireland.

The consultation is being conducted through an on-line questionnaire, which has been designed to allow the expression of views, comments or suggestions for the Data Strategy, from professionals or individuals whose work is relevant to children’s lives.

This consultation process will add to the evidence base that will underpin the Data Strategy. In addition, the development of the Strategy will be informed by principles of international best practice, a comprehensive review of existing sources of data on children’s lives, an examination of policies relating to children and academic literature on research on children.

The questionnaire remains open for submissions until Wednesday 29th April 2009 and can be accessed at: .

Press contact: Anne O’Donnell – Office of the Minister for Children and Youth Affairs 01 6743204 / 086 3837320