Press Release

Circular letter FMD (No 2) on Precautionary Measures to be taken by all Health Service Agencies in relation to the Prevention of Food and Mouth Disease

Regional Chief Executive Officer, Eastern Regional Health Authority
Chief Executive Officer – Each Health Board
Secretary/Manager – Country Voluntaries, St. Johns Limerick, Portiuncula Hospital, Mercy Hospital, Cork
Directors of Public Health, Health Boards

Precautionary Measures should be implemented at public hospitals and all other health care facilities where significant numbers of persons are likely to gather. These include:

  • Public hospitals
  • Health board headquarters
  • County Clinics
  • Care facilities for the elderly
  • Care facilities for persons with physical and sensory disabilities
  • Care facilities for persons with mental illness
  • Care facilities for persons with mental handicap.
  • All other health care facilities i.e. Day hospitals, Day clinics etc

The Minister has directed that the following guidelines should be strictly implemented, and adhered to, until further notice, for all of the above institutions within your area of responsibility

1. The Minister has directed that disinfectant mats are to be immediately provided at each entrance/exit to all Health Care facilities.

2. Essential healthcare services should continue to be provided to the population. Healthcare workers should adhere to the following general principles, wherever possible:

  • Only essential visits by health workers should be made to areas within exclusion zones.
  • Hands should be carefully washed and footwear disinfected.
  • Vehicle wheels should be disinfected before the start of a journey.
  • Use of disposable overshoes and mobile disinfectant trays may also be considered.

3. Officials of health agencies are to cease non-essential farm visits until further notice.

4. Chief Executive Officers must ensure that all non-essential business travel is curtailed and kept to an absolute minimum.

5. A list of disinfectants approved by the Department of Agriculture, Food and Rural Development is attached for your information.

Healthcare workers can obtain further advice from the Director of Public Health in their Health Board area

The Department of Agriculture, Food and Rural Development has set up a helpline to deal with queries on Foot and Mouth Disease. The phone numbers are: (01) 6072916, 6072862 and 6072700. LOCALL Number 1890 607608

Michael Kelly
Secretary General
2nd March 2001

Department of Agriculture, Food and Rural Development Diseases of Animals (Disinfectants) Order, 1975 (Amendment) Order, 1978
List Of Approved Disinfectants For Foot And Mouth Disease