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Chief Medical Officer and Chief Nursing Officer vaccinate each other against flu

CMO CNO Flu jab

The Chief Medical Officer and Chief Nursing Officer have administered the seasonal flu vaccine to each other. In doing so they are urging all health professionals particularly doctors, nurses and midwives to get the flu vaccine.

They have issued a letter to all doctors, nurses and midwives respectively emphasising the importance of getting the vaccine.

The Chief Medical Officer, Dr Holohan said “Health Professionals have the highest degree of contact with vulnerable patients and hence have a higher risk of transmitting flu to patients. High flu vaccine uptake among health professionals has been shown to reduce flu related complications. It is particularly important to reduce the risk of flu outbreaks in long-term care facilities and hospitals in advance of the winter.”

The Chief Nursing Officer, Dr O’Halloran said “I would urge all nurses, midwives and indeed other health professionals to take up the flu vaccine in advance of the winter. By doing so they are reducing the risks of spread and associated complications of the flu virus, which particularly threaten elderly and at-risk patients ”

Further info on the flu vaccination programme