Press Release

Chairman of the National Cancer Forum welcomes introduction of the Smoking Ban

Professor Paul Redmond, on behalf of the National Cancer Forum has welcomed the introduction of the smoking ban in enclosed areas of work as the most important public health measure introduced in recent years. Pointing out that the measure will protect Irish people from the dangerous health effects of second hand smoke, Professor Redmond commented that “this ban is a proportionate and balanced measure in tackling the devastating effects of tobacco in our society. It is very much supported by the Forum. The ban also reflects the anti-tobacco stance in Irish society generally”.

“Most people are aware of the links between smoking and cancer. Smoking is the single most preventable cause of disease and premature death. Approximately 90 per cent of lung cancer is caused by tobacco and lung cancer remains the leading cause of cancer death overall. This important public health initiative will ultimately reduce the burden that this disease places on our society and the positive benefits of this measure will become apparent over time” said Professor Redmond.

Professor Redmond commended the leadership and commitment shown by the Minister for Health and Children in implementing the ban and said that he looked forward to presenting the Minister with the new National Cancer Strategy later this year. The new National Cancer Strategy, which is currently being developed by the National Cancer Forum will address all aspects of cancer control, including prevention and will make recommendations in relation to the organisation of cancer services nationally.