Press Release

Callely states that older people need 24 / 7 support

The Minister of State at the Department of Health and Children, Mr. Ivor Callely TD, has today (10th September 2003) stated that older people require supports in place 24/7.

“As Minister of State with responsibility for the development of Services for older people I am delighted to advise that since coming into office this Government has allocated considerable additional resources to services for older people.”

“Significant progress and an unprecedented level of investment has been made and the Government is committed to the continued development of services” Stated Minister Callely.

The Minister outlined services such as:

  • Nursing home subvention and home subvention
  • Personal care packages
  • Home help and development of new support structures
  • Support to carers
  • Commencement of elder abuse programme
  • Support to voluntary organisations and other community groups
  • Development of new community nursing units
  • Funding of day care services, day centres etc.
  • Address the challenge of the increasing number of people suffering from dementia and related illnesses
  • Aids, appliances and home grants

“These measures are a good beginning and I acknowledge that much remains to be done to develop a comprehensive range of supports. I am conscious that the growing population of older people need 24 / 7 , that is supports in place 24 hours a day seven days a week” Concluded Minister Callely.