Press Release

Callely signs Ministerial Declaration in Brussels

Minister of State Ivor Callely TD has today (22 May 2003) signed the Ministerial Declaration at an E-Health Conference in Brussels. Ministers of EU Member States, Acceding and Associated Countries, as well as EFTA countries met on 22 May 2003 in the framework of the eHealth 2003 conference organized jointly by the European Commission and the Greek Presidency of the Council.

Ministers encouraged the Commission to further explore initiatives in developing European Electronic Health Cards.

“I am determined to ensure that Ireland will be to the fore in using a smart card for health services. As Chairman of the Interdepartmental Group on Services for Older people, I intend to put this on the agenda for forthcoming meetings,” said Minister Callely.

At the conference, Ministers welcomed the initiative of the Irish Government to take stock of further eHealth developments at the second eHealth Conference in 2004.

Ministers expressed their commitment to the development of national and regional eHealth implementation plans as an integral part of eEurope 2005. Ministers declared their willingness to work together towards best practices in the use of information and communication Technologoies (ICT) as tools for enhancing health promotion and health protection, as well as quality, accessibility and efficiency in all aspects of health care delivery.