Press Release

Callely launches the Homefirst Project

Minister Callely today (14 October) expressed his delight at accepting the invitation of the Eastern Regional Health Authority to launch the first Homefirst Project, a project aimed at using assistive technology to support older people in their own homes.

The Minister emphasised the importance of being enabled to live with dignity as we age, stating that the challenge to provide adequate services for vulnerable older people must be met and adequate care must be provided where it is needed, adding that it is no more than they are entitled to expect in the light of their contribution to the country, not only in economic terms but also in the social and humanitarian values they have passed on to us.

The Minister stated his and the Government´s intention to continue to strive to improve the lot of older people during his tenure as Minister for Services for Older People.

Minister Callely noted how his Department´s policy is mirrored by the goals of the Homefirst Project in Community Care Area No 8 of the Northern Area Health Board, whose care package is designed to support the independence of older people living at home, following discharge from Beaumont Hospital, by offering them the advantages of assistive technology. He congratulated the Rowntree Foundation in York for their endeavours in developing the technology.

The Minister also expressed his confidence that the first recipient of the technology and his family, would benefit greatly from its installation.