Press Release

Callely launches MEAS 2003 Designated Driver Awareness Campaign

Drive Straight and Designate

Mr Ivor Callely, T.D. Minister of State, Department of Health and Children today launched the MEAS 2003 Designated Driver Awareness Campaign.

Speaking at the launch, Mr Callely welcomed the designated driver initiative.

“This is necessary to effect a cultural shift in our attitudes to alcohol consumption and we need to keep reinforcing the message of inappropriate consumption and that drinking and driving is completely inappropriate” stated the Minister.

The Minister also stated that people expressed weariness on the subject of statistics on alcohol but it is important to reiterate those statistics so that everyone recognizes the enormity of excessive consumption levels that persist in our society. Similarly he continued that the term ┬┤alcohol related harm┬┤ probably also induced sound bite fatigue, and that it did not become real for someone until they were at the receiving end of the harm.

Mr Callely wished the initiative great success and hoped that it would act as an awareness mechanism, but also in a concrete way, by people adopting it as a practice and thereby reducing the potential for harm for themselves and others.