Press Release

Callely launches Annual Nationwide Art Exhibition of the Federation of Active Retirement Association´s

Mr. Ivor Callely, TD, Minister for Services for Older People has today (9 April 2003) opened the Federation of Active Retirement Associations´ Annual Nationwide Art Exhibition.

The Minister expressed his admiration for the work of the various voluntary organisations, not least the Federation of Active Retirement Associations, whose activities promote positive ageing in many different ways.

“My priority as Minister for Services for Older People is to ensure that the issues facing older people are addressed with a view to providing improved services befitting the older population whose contribution to society is fully acknowledged” said the Minister.

The Minister spoke of the importance to older people of being enabled to participate to the maximum extent possible in all facets of life. He added that such activities serve not only to provide engagement and inter-action between like-minded people, but also promote a sense of well-being that would be beneficial in reducing the effects of illness and loneliness. He said that the benefits of healthy ageing were accurately summed up by the words of one member who said that “I know I’m getting on, but I´m getting on with life”.