Press Release

Callely lands a homeless man a home

Following representations by Minister of State Ivor Callely T.D. and weekend media coverage of the homeless man living in a car on the Clontarf Road – Desmond Hirsch, Minister Ivor Callely today received notification from an official in Dublin City Council Homeless section that Desmond Hirsch has been approved as suitable for Senior Citizen accommodation.

Minister Callely stated “I was delighted to offer my assistance to this deserving homeless case and to be successful in getting approval for accommodation to be offered.”

Especially at this time of year, with the change in our weather, it is important that all in our community are accommodated in suitable and comfortable living accommodation.

Life starts in the home and for most of us home is the most important place there is. In my view, suitable housing accommodation is more important than anything else and we must continue to give priority to housing needs.