Press Release

Callely addresses National Council on Ageing and Older People

Mr. Ivor Callely, TD, Minister of State at the Department of Health and Children, has today (27 May 2002) addressed the National Council on Ageing and Older People on the occasion of its conference on The Role and Future Direction of Day Services for Older People in Ireland.

“We all know that our population is ageing and I am glad to say that there is a positive acceptance among the general community that older people have been instrumental in building and strengthening the Irish state to the healthy level we enjoy today”, said Minister Callely.

“The present Government acknowledges the full measured contribution of older people to society in general and it is fully committed to improving all aspects of their lives by focusing on issues that affect their well-being.”

The Minister pointed to recent improvements in health and social services for older people, both in hospitals and in the community. Funding, both capital and revenue, has been substantially increased in respect of services for older people. Between 1997 and 2003 additional funding of approximately €284m has been provided for services for older people.

He welcomed the Council´s Report, a qualitative exploration of the views of older people, service providers and carers, which will serve to provide policy makers with the insight of those who receive the services, and the frontline providers of those services. He stated that the Report will greatly help to inform his Department´s approach to the development of day services for the older people.

Minister´s Speech