Press Release

Callely addresses Annual Delegate Conference of Active Pensioners´ Association

Mr. Ivor Callely, TD, Minister of State at the Department of Health and Children, has today (10 April 2003) offered his congratulations to the National Federation of Active Pensioners´ Associations on the occasion of its 18th Annual Delegate Conference.

The Minister stated that since his appointment as Minister of State with responsibility for Services for Older People he has viewed that responsibility in the broadest possible sense, beyond matters relating specifically to health, in that the services provided and work done by many agencies and Government Departments impact on the lives of older people in a host of different ways.

He mentioned that he uses a listening and learning approach in his role and is keenly aware of particular issues that impact on the lives of older people. He stated that he is always pleased to meet with organisations such as the Federation. He went on to say that at one such meeting recently, he advised of his intention to develop a mission statement, formulated and agreed by various older people’s groups, followed by an Action Plan to carry out that mission.

He indicated that he is also open to the idea of a confederation of older people’s representative groups to liaise with his Department.

“My priority as Minister for Services for Older People is to ensure that the issues facing older people are addressed with a view to providing improved services befitting the older population whose contribution to society is fully acknowledged” said the Minister.

The Minister also stated that in that context, he set up and now chairs an inter-departmental group on the needs of older people, which provides the opportunity for a positive influence to be brought on all of the various services provided to older people.