Press Release

Announcement of the Public Consultation on a 35 Hour week for Nurses and Midwives

The Commission on Nursing Hours will tomorrow (13th June, 2008) invite submissions from healthcare professionals, healthcare management and members of the public for views on the types of flexibilities and changes which would be necessary to achieve a 35 hour week for nurses and midwives.

The Commission on Nursing Hours was established as a result of a recommendation of the National Implementation Body (NIB) to produce an independent assessment of how a 35 hour week for nurses and midwives can be achieved. The Commission began its work in March, 2008 and plans to submit its report at the end of December, 2008.

The Commission is currently engaging in an extensive process of communication and consultation with a variety of key stakeholders to provide an open forum for debate and discussion. As part of this process the Chairman of the Commission Professor Tom Collins, is encouraging nurses, midwives, health service managers, patients and other health care workers who may be affected by a reduction in the nursing hours to engage in this process. “The outcome of these consultations will have a significant bearing on the Commission’s final recommendations” Professor Collins said.

Written responses by individuals, groups or organisations are welcome and should be sent by email to:

or posted to:  Commission on Nursing Hours  Room 5.35  Hawkins House  Dublin 2