Press Release

Alcohol Misuse Progress Report published by Minister Wallace

Ms Mary Wallace T.D., Minister for Health Promotion and Food Safety at the Department of Health and Children today (Friday 19th December, 2008) published the Social Partnership Implementation Group Report on the progress being achieved in implementing actions identified to reduce the harms caused by alcohol misuse.

The Implementation Group was formed to monitor and report on progress on the implementation of the actions contained in the report “Working Together to Reduce the Harms Caused by Alcohol Misuse”. This report was produced by a Working Group established under the Sustaining Progress Special Initiative on Alcohol and Drugs Misuse. The Working Group, which comprised Social Partners and relevant Government Departments and Agencies, agreed on a programme of actions to deliver targeted results in relation to underage drinking, binge drinking and drink driving.

“The 29 actions identified in the Report ‘Working Together to Reduce the Harms caused by Alcohol Misuse’ are wide-ranging and fall across a number of sectors. The range of actions and stakeholders involved gives us an indication of the challenge we face in tackling alcohol misuse in our society. The Implementation Group Report shows that the social partners can work together and play a role in addressing these problems” the Minister said.

The membership of the Implementation Group comprised the same key stakeholders involved in the original Social Partnership Working Group. The recommendations identified by the Working Group generally fall within the remit of the various organisations represented on the Implementation Group. The Implementation Group was chaired by Mr Peter Cassells.

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