Press Release

Advisory on Fake ‘Sensodyne’ Toothpaste

The Department of Health and Children today (Tuesday, 24 July 2007) advised the public that fake toothpaste has been identified in one outlet on the Irish market.

The fake product, which is illegal, is falsely packaged and labelled as ‘Sensodyne’ and has now been withdrawn. It is identical to product which had previously been identified on sale in the UK and is contained in cartons labelled in both English and Arabic script. This fake product contains diethylene glycol which is toxic if ingested: However, as toothpaste would only be ingested in small quantities – if at all – there is no significant risk to public health.

There is no evidence that significant quantities of the fake product are on sale here but the Irish Medicines Board and Environmental Health Officers of the Health Service Executive (HSE) are keeping the matter under review to ensure that public health is safeguarded.

Anyone who has purchased the fake product should discard it. Toothpaste purchased in Ireland which is labelled in English only is genuine: the public need only be concerned if the labelling is both in English and Arabic.

Image of the fake Sensodyne (pdf)