Press Release

Acute Chest Pain Seminar

Mr. Ivor Callely T.D, Minister of State for Services for Older People, Department of Health and Children formally opened an Acute Chest Pain Seminar in the Davenport Hotel, Dublin 2.

Senior health professionals and managers are coming together today (Tuesday October 15th) to explore and develop a model of care and treatment of acute chest pain in hospitals in the eastern region.

The Acute Chest Pain Assessment Seminar will be addressed by a number of cardiovascular and emergency medicine specialists and will include a Questions and Answers Forum, chaired by journalist and broadcaster Mr. John Bowman, who is the Chairman of the Heart Health Task Force.

The Cardiovascular Health Strategy (Building Healthier Hearts) makes 211 recommendations to reduce illness and death from heart disease.

One quarter of all deaths in the Eastern Region are caused by heart disease and Ireland has the highest premature mortality rate (under 65 years) from heart disease in the EU. Approximately 1700 acute discharges following treatment for heart attacks take place each year from hospitals in the eastern region.

Since the launch of Building Healthier Hearts in 1999, the Eastern Regional Health Authority has invested over €10 million in developing services across Health Promotion, Pre Hospital and Primary Care, Hospital Sector and Cardiac Rehabilitation and are currently finalising an Action Plan for the years 2002-2007.

The Authority´s Cardiovascular Hospital Working Group has identified Chest Pain Assessment as a key objective for the Regional Action Plan. Since 2000, the Authority in implementing the Cardiovascular Strategy in the eastern region has provided over €1.4 million for the development of acute chest pain assessment services in the region. An example is the development at St. James´s Hospital.

Results to date from this development are as follows:

  • 660 patients have been assessed on the CPAU in the first six months. The mean age for men is 49 years and 51 years in women.
  • 85% of patients have been discharged from the CPAU without needing formal admission under the cardiology team with 15% of patients admitted.
  • 60% of those admitted received coronary angiographies within 48 hours of admission. The remainder required medical management only.
  • 6% of patients from the unit required follow up in cardiology OPD.

The programme for the seminar includes the following speakers

  • Dr. Taj Hassan, Consultant in Emergency Medicine, Leeds Teaching Hospital on “Exploring Models of Acute Chest Pain Assessment”
  • Dr. Brian Maurer, Chairman, Hospital Working Group, Cardiovascular Strategy, Eastern Region, who will pose the themes for the day
  • Dr. Geraldine McMahon, Consultant in Emergency Medicine, St. James´s Hospital, and Ms. Liz Curtin, Advanced Nurse Practitioner, St. James´s Hospital, who will discuss the lessons learned from the ACPAU in St. James´s
  • Dr. Siobhan Jennings, Chair, Cardiovascular Strategy Steering group, Eastern Region.