Long Stay Charges

The Health Repayment Scheme

The Health (Repayment Scheme) Act 2006 provided a legal framework to repay recoverable health charges for publicly-funded long-term care.  Recoverable health charges are charges which were imposed on persons with full eligibility under the Health (Charges for In-patient Services) Regulations 1976 as amended in 1987 or charges for in-patient services only, raised under the Institutional Assistance Regulations 1954 as amended in 1965.  The Scheme closed to new applications at the end of December 2007.   Click here for the Act

Long Stay Charges

Section 53 of the Health Act 1970 (as amended by the Health (Amendment) Act 2005) provides that persons provided with in-patient services under section 52 of that Actare liable to pay charges in respect of the maintenance component of those services.  Charges commence following the provision of in-patient services for 30 days over a rolling twelve month period. These charges do not apply in the case of acute hospital care. The Act also provides for certain exemptions and exclusions (e.g. long-stay charges do not apply to those supported under the Nursing Homes Support Scheme etc.).  Regulations under section 53 provide for different schedules of charges based on income being payable by different classes of persons (depending on whether or not they receive services in a setting with 24-hour nursing care).  Detailed guidelines on the application of these statutory provisions are published and revised from time to time by the HSE.

View the Health (Charges for In-Patient Services) Regulations 2005

View the Health (Charges for In-Patient Services) (Amendment) Regulations 2011

Click here for the HSE National Guidelines on Long Stay Charges