Submissions received through the public consultation process for the 2018 Health Service Capacity Review

The Department of Health ran a public consultation on the Health Service Capacity Review between the 8th of August to the 15th of September 2017. A consultation paper was also published.

The goal of this process was to receive the experience of key stakeholders, including patients, service users and other interested parties. This public consultation was part of a broader stakeholder engagement which is outlined in Chapter 6 of the Health Service Capacity Review 2018 Main Report.

The Department received 28 responses to its call for submissions. Please see below the submissions received by the Department. A summary of the key themes outlined in these submissions can also be found in Chapter 6 of the Health Service Capacity Review 2018 Main Report.


Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services Submission

Child Health Advocacy Committee of Faculty of Public Health Medicine, RCPI

Children’s Hospital

COPE Galway

Cork Kerry Community Healthcare





Inclusion Ireland


Irish Cancer Society

Irish Heart Foundation

Irish Pharmacy Union

Irish Society of Clinical Microbiologists

National Disability Authority

National Federation of Voluntary Bodies

Nursing Homes Ireland

National Women’s Council of Ireland

Saint Patrick’s Mental Health Service


The following individuals submitted responses to the online questionnaire:

Emily O’Conor

Jim Corbett

Lisa Donlon

Maria Barry



Si Doherty

Sibeal Carolan