The Minister for Health invites applications for the position of Board Member of the University of Limerick Hospitals Group Board

The Minister for Health invites applications for up to 11 positions as Board Member of the University of Limerick Hospital Group.

There is no remuneration for Board members, but travel and subsistence allowances in line with Government guidelines.

The establishment of Hospital Groups was committed to in Future Health: A Strategic Framework for Reform of the Health Service 2012-2015 and represents one of the most significant changes in Irish healthcare in many years. The objective of each Group is to improve services and provide better outcomes for patients and specifically to:

  • consistently deliver the highest standard of patient safety and quality in hospital care across the group;
  • deliver cost effective hospital care in a timely and sustainable manner;
  • encourage and support clinical and managerial leadership;
  • ensure a skilled and competent workforce by recruiting and retaining high quality nurses, Non Consultant Hospital Doctors, consultants, allied health professionals and administrators; and
  • ensure high standards of clinical and corporate governance.

In order to ensure the correct skill mix, knowledge and experience on the Board, the Minister invites applications from suitably qualified candidates who consider they have a career history which demonstrates considerable experience in at least one of the following areas The Minister may choose to appoint from any or all of the following categories:

Corporate Governance, Risk Management, Legal, Compliance
Applicants must have a career history which demonstrates significant corporate governance experience at a senior level in a large, complex environment. This should encompass an understanding of the principles of corporate risk and the Boards role in establishing and overseeing risk management structures. Applicants must also demonstrate a capacity to quickly understand the complex legal and regulatory environment in which the Hospital Group Board functions.

Clinical Governance, Quality Assurance and Patient Safety
Applicants must have a career history which demonstrates an understanding of the complexity of providing evidence-based, high quality and safe care, including risk management, and the Board’s specific governance role and assuring itself of quality and patient safety. Applicants must also be in a position to demonstrate an understanding of the role of the Board in providing strategic guidance and oversight, in regularly reviewing and responding to information relating to quality and safety outcomes for service users, supporting the associated learning and its dissemination, including learning from national and local investigations.

Strategic Planning and Change Management
Applicants must also have a career history that demonstrates strong change management and corporate integration experience e.g. experience in the integration of large organisations. Applicants should clearly demonstrate experience in strategic planning to achieve an organisation’s mission.

Financial Planning and Management
Applicants must have held a position at a senior level in an organisation of similar or greater scale than the Limerick Hospital Group,3,570 employees and a budget of €216m which demonstrates professional knowledge in accountancy, audit or financial planning and the presentation and interpretation of financial performance.

Senior Management and Leadership
Applicants must have a career history that demonstrates extensive and successful senior management and leadership experience, having worked at senior executive level in either the public or private sector.

Workforce Planning and Strategic Human Resource Management
Applicants must have a career history at a senior level that demonstrates skills/knowledge/ experience of strategic Human Resource Management, in organisation(s) of significant scale. This should include evidence of well developed workforce planning and leading on change management.

Public Relations and/or Patient/Public Advocacy
Applicants must have a career history that demonstrates a broad knowledge of managing communications , including media or PR skills, experience of significant stakeholder engagement or experience of patient/public advocacy

Education, Research and Innovation
Candidates must have a career history that demonstrates expertise in the development/ implementation of medical academic education and research programmes on a national/ international scale.

General Practitioner
Candidates must be a registered medical general practitioner with a track record of fostering positive relationships in a challenging environment and developing linkages between the acute hospital sector and primary care services.

Nursing Expertise
Applicants must be a registered nurse whose career history demonstrates significant nursing experience at a senior level.

International Expertise
Applicants should be of the calibre, experience and knowledge to facilitate international connections and provide access to international best practice in acute healthcare service provision and governance for the Hospital Group.

Previous Board experience, a knowledge of Irish healthcare systems, and familiarity with public service management and the environment in which the Hospital Group operates is also desirable.

It should also be noted that the Board members, on appointment, will hold information obtained in their role confidential and to act in accordance with public policy and high standards of probity as set out in the Code.

In order to qualify for appointment a person must not have any conflicts of interest likely to interfere with his/her ability to assume the role of Board member.

Applications should be made directly to the Public Appointments Service

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Date Board vacancy advertised: 30/09/2016

Closing Date for submission of expressions of interest: 24/10/2016