State Boards Vacancies – Board of the Mental Health Commission

Membership of the Board of the Mental Health Commission

The Mental Health Commission is an independent statutory body established under Section 32 of the Mental Health Act 2001. Section 35 of the Act provides for the constitution of the Board, which consists of thirteen members (one of whom shall be appointed as chairperson) all of whom are appointed by the Minister for Health. Section 36 sets the term of office for a Board member as being a period not exceeding five years.

The Minister for Health is now considering the filling of two vacancies on the Board which will arise from the expiration of the term of office of the Board on 4th April, 2012. Expressions of interest are now sought from persons with skills and experience relevant to the functions of the Mental Health Commission.

Functions and Annual Report of the Commission

The principal functions of the Mental Health Commission as defined by the Mental Health Act 2001, are ‘to promote encourage and foster the establishment and maintenance of high standards and good practices in the delivery of mental health services and to take all reasonable steps to protect the interests of persons detained in approved centres under this Act’.

The Commission has a statutory remit which includes the registration of approved centres and the independent review of involuntary admissions i.e. the establishment of independent Mental Health Tribunals which review, and affirm or revoke detention orders. The Mental Health Commission’s most recent annual report outlining its activities can be found on its website

Fees and Expenses

No fees are paid to Board members. Travel and subsistence expenses arising from the business of the Board are payable in accordance with rates laid down by the Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform.

Skills, experience and other requirements of board members

In making any board appointments, the Minister will not necessarily be confined to those who make such expressions of interest but will ensure that all those appointed have the relevant qualifications, experience and/or expertise required for the positions. In that respect the Minister will have regard to the particular functions of the Mental Health Commission as well as ensuring that the appointed board members have an appropriate mix of skills including experience in such areas as corporate governance, legal and financial expertise, etc.

The two vacancies in respect of which applications are being invited are as stated in Section 35 of the Act:

  1. Barrister or Solicitor – ‘one shall be a person who has had not less than 10 years’ experience as a practising barrister or solicitor in the State ending immediately before his or her appointment to the Commission’
  2. General Public – ‘one shall be representative of the interest of the general public’

How to apply

Anyone interested in being considered for appointment as a Board member should submit an application form via the following link together with detailed Curriculum Vitae not exceeding 3 pages.

In submitting expressions of interest, applicants should also set out clearly any actual or potential conflicts of interest that may arise should they be appointed to the Board.

The application process will consist of the following steps:

When you click on ‘Apply for this job’ you will be brought to the registration page. If you are already registered on you can log in using your username and password.

If you have not previously registered you will need to register your details, then you must go to “Choose a Job Category” on the left side of the screen. Click on “Membership of a State Board” and then click ‘Apply for this job’.

Step 1 -Download a PDF Application Form. This is an application form which you should complete and save to your PC.

Step 2 – Complete the Online Application Form. Most of this will be pre-filled from your registration profile. Then you will be asked to upload the PDF Application Form that you previously saved.

Step 3 – Attach a combined detailed CV not exceeding 3 pages.

Closing Date for Applications:

By submitting an expression of interest the applicant accepts that appointments are made in the exercise of a statutory discretion, that the Minister is not obliged to consider the expressions of interest offered, that he is not confined to recommending an appointment from amongst those who have expressed an interest and is not bound by any statement set out in the notice. Applications will be accepted up to and including 23rd March 2012.