State Board Vacancies – Appointments to the Board of the Health Research Board – May 2012

Information Note

In accordance with the Government’s recent decision to widen the opportunity for board membership of State Bodies, the Minister for Health, Dr James Reilly TD, invites expressions of interest from people with suitable qualifications and experience to be considered for appointment to the Board of the Health Research Board. Board Members are appointed in a non-executive capacity.

Health Research Board Background Information

The Health Research Board (HRB) is a statutory body under the aegis of the Department of Health.

The Health Research Board (HRB) is Ireland’s lead agency supporting and funding health research. The HRB’s mission is to improve people’s health, patient care and health services by leading and supporting research and generating knowledge, then promoting its application in policy and practice. The HRB focuses on research which helps to drive innovation in Ireland’s health system and supports economic development.

The HRB’s four strategic goals are:

  1. Driving the development of excellent clinical research, including applied biomedical research, within a coherent health research system
  2. Building capacity to conduct high-quality population health sciences research and health services research
  3. Working with key partners to develop and manage high-quality national health information systems
  4. Generating and synthesising evidence, and promoting the application of knowledge to support decision making by policy makers and relevant practitioners.

The HRB leads, supports and funds health research in the following areas:

  • Patient oriented Clinical and Translational Research – this underpins in the transfer of research findings from the laboratory to healthcare application. This involves refining research discoveries, validating them and conducting clinical appraisal in patients. The aim is to deliver positive changes in clinical practice and/or generate commercial opportunities for new therapies, devices, diagnostics or services.
  • Health Services Research – provides the evidence base that underpins health care planning, provision and policy, and ensures that health care delivery is cost effective and efficient.
  • Population Health Sciences Research – provides population-level data that provide an understanding of patterns of health behaviours, the factors and risks that determine ill health and identifying effective interventions to improve current and future population health and healthcare needs

The HRB also manages five national information systems; these systems provide the most up-to-date evidence for service planning and decision making on issues such as alcohol and drug use, mental health and disability.

Membership of the Board of the HRB

Details of Appointment

In June 2012 five vacancies will arise for membership of the HRB Board. The Board is appointed by the Minister for Health in line with the provisions of Article 5 of S.I No. 279 of 1986 as amended. Accordingly, the Minister will appoint five members to the Board and he will appoint a Chairperson from among the members of the board.

Information on the current Board of the Health Research Board can be found on the Health Research Board website

The roles and responsibilities of Board Members are described in the Code of Practice for the Governance of State Bodies 2009 which is available on the website of the Department of Finance (CoP State Bodies 2009). The Health Research Board has approximately 9 regular meetings annually. Members of the Board are also required to participate in committees which may involve attendance at a further 10 meetings. The HRB is a Category 3 Board. Remuneration of Board members, as well as travel and subsistence allowances, is paid in line with Government guidelines. The current rate of remuneration for a Board member is €7,695 per annum and is €11,970 for the Chairperson. Members will be required to devote as much time to duties on the Board as is necessary for the proper and efficient discharge of their duties, and to comply with the relevant provisions of the Code of Practice for the Governance of State Bodies.

It should be noted however, that under revised Department of Finance arrangements, it is now a requirement that public servants:

  • who sit on state boards in an ex officio capacity or on behalf of their parent Department/organisation or
  • who may be nominated to such board positions independently of their public service employment

should not be paid remuneration in the form of board fees when serving in such a representational capacity. It should also be noted that Board members, including Chairperson, may voluntarily waive their right to any remuneration.

Board Member Expertise

Members of the Board perform key roles in relation to the direction, leadership and corporate governance of the HRB. Members of the Board would be expected to have experience and expertise in one or more of the following areas:

  • persons with relevant experience in health research or health information systems
  • persons serving in a senior health service position and who have relevant experience in health research or health information or of managing such functions;
  • persons with expertise in the use of health research or health information systems for economic development
  • persons with expertise in the use of health research or health information systems from a patient or client perspective;
  • persons with outstanding reputations for academic achievement or business or civic leadership

In addition board members should have a good understanding of corporate governance matters.

Additional Information

It should also be noted that Board members on appointment assume significant duties such as responsibility for the proper conduct of the organisation‘s affairs, to hold information obtained in their role as Board member confidential and to act in accordance with public policy and high standards of probity.

How to apply

Anyone interested in being considered for appointment as a Board member should submit an application form via the following link together with detailed Curriculum Vitae not exceeding 3 pages.

The application process will consist of the following steps:

When you click on ‘Apply for this job’ you will be brought to the registration page. If you are already registered on you can log in using your username and password.

If you have not previously registered you will need to register your details, then you must go to “Choose a Job Category” on the left side of the screen. Click on “Membership of a State Board” and then click ‘Apply for this job’.

Step 1 -Download a PDF Application Form. This is an application form which you should complete and save to your PC.

Step 2 – Complete the Online Application Form. Most of this will be pre-filled from your registration profile. Then you will be asked to upload the PDF Application Form that you previously saved.

Step 3 – Attach a combined detailed CV not exceeding 3 pages.

By submitting an expression of interest the applicant accepts that appointments are made in the exercise of a statutory discretion, that the Minister is not obliged to consider the expressions of interest offered, that he is not confined to recommending an appointment from amongst those who have expressed an interest and is not bound by any statement set out in the notice.

Applications will be accepted up to and including Friday May 25th 2012.

We will treat all applications /expressions of interest confidentially and information will only be given to the appropriate personnel.

Further information

Further information on the work of the Health Research Board is available on its website at