State Board Vacancies – Appointment of Chairperson and members to the Consultative Council on Hepatitis C

Appointment of Chairperson and members to the Consultative Council on Hepatitis C

In accordance with the Government’s decision to widen the opportunity for board membership of State Bodies, the Minister for Health, Dr James Reilly TD, invites expressions of interest from suitably qualified and experienced persons interested in being appointed as Chairperson and Members of the Consultative Council on Hepatitis C. Council members are appointed in a non-executive capacity. The term of office of the Chairperson and the 15 Members of the present Council will expire on 1 October, 2012. Six Members are nominated by the Hepatitis C Support Groups (Positive Action, Transfusion Positive, Irish Haemophilia Society, Irish Kidney Association). Expressions of interest are sought for the position of Chairperson and nine members of the Council.

Consultative Council on Hepatitis C

Background Information

The Consultative Council on Hepatitis C was set up under SI No. 339 of 1996 under the Health Act, in response to the infection of people with Hepatitis C through the administration within the State of infected blood and blood products.

The Council comprises 16 members and is a forum through which the Support Groups for people with Hepatitis C, together with clinicians involved in their care, advise the Minister in relation to the provision of services. One of the main functions of the Council is the dissemination of information regarding entitlements of persons infected with Hepatitis C to certain health services. The Council is a very pro-active body and has engaged in various activities including the commissioning of the Hepatitis C Database, monitoring of service developments, organising an Annual Information Day and International Conferences.

Objectives of the Consultative Council

To advise and make recommendations to the Minister for Health on all aspects of Hepatitis C, on its own initiative or at the request of the Minister, and in particular on:-

  • the health and counselling services for persons with Hepatitis C, including the funding of such services as set out in the Book of Estimates each year to ensure that such funding is sufficient to provide the range of services set out in the Health Care Services Document published by the Minister in December, 1995;
  • the organisation, delivery and confidentiality of services for persons with Hepatitis C;
  • the changing needs of persons infected with Hepatitis C in order to ensure that the health services respond effectively to such changing needs;
  • developments arising from research into Hepatitis C under the aegis of the Health Research Board;
  • the publication of information on Hepatitis C.

Chairperson of the Consultative Council on Hepatitis C

Details of Appointment

A vacancy for the Chairperson of the Consultative Council will arise on the 2nd October, 2012. The Chairperson of the Council is appointed by the Minister for Health in line with the provisions of The Consultative Council on Hepatitis C (Establishment) Order, l996 (SI No. 339 of l996).

A Chairperson is appointed for a term not exceeding 3 years. The Chairperson of the Board will play a central role in relation to the direction and leadership of the Council. He/She would be expected to have a good knowledge of Hepatitis C.

Membership of the Consultative Council

Details of Appointment

Section 98 of the Health Act, l947 (under which legislation the Consultative Council was established) specifies that members of consultative councils shall be “…persons having practical experience or special knowledge of the matters in respect of which they are to give advice and assistance”.

There are sixteen members on the Council, appointed for a three year period. Six members are nominated by the four support groups representing persons with Hepatitis C (The Irish Kidney Association, Irish Haemophilia Society, Positive Action and Transfusion Positive) and 10 members are appointed by the Minister for Health in line with the provisions of The Consultative Council on Hepatitis C (Establishment) Order, l996 (SI No. 339 of l996).

The Ministerial appointments cover a cross-section of interests and backgrounds, including consultant hepatologists, representatives of the scientific research community and a liaison officer appointed by the HSE to provide a contact point and co-ordinate services for persons with Hepatitis C.

Information on the current Council Members can be found on the Consultative Council website, The Consultative Council holds 4-6 meetings annually.

There is no remuneration for the role of either the Chairperson or members of the Council. Travel and subsistence allowances for Council Members, are paid in line with Government guidelines. The Council must comply with the relevant provisions of the Code of Practice for the Governance of State Bodies.

How to apply

Anyone interested in being considered for appointment as a Board member should submit an application form via the following link together with detailed Curriculum Vitae not exceeding 3 pages.

The application process will consist of the following steps:

When you click on ‘Apply for this job’ you will be brought to the registration page. If you are already registered on you can log in using your username and password.

If you have not previously registered you will need to register your details, then you must go to “Choose a Job Category” on the left side of the screen. Click on “Membership of a State Board” and then click ‘Apply for this job’.

Step 1 -Download a PDF Application Form. This is an application form which you should complete and save to your PC.

Step 2 – Complete the Online Application Form. Most of this will be pre-filled from your registration profile. Then you will be asked to upload the PDF Application Form that you previously saved.

Step 3 – Attach a detailed CV not exceeding 3 pages.

By submitting an expression of interest the applicant accepts that appointments are made in the exercise of a statutory discretion, that the Minister is not obliged to consider the expressions of interest offered, that he is not confined to recommending an appointment from amongst those who have expressed an interest and is not bound by any statement set out in the notice.

Applications will be accepted up to and including Friday 07th September, 2012.

We will treat all applications /expressions of interest confidentially and information will only be given to the appropriate personnel.