Recent Appointment to the Irish Blood Transfusion Service Board

The Minister for Health, Simon Harris TD, has appointed Dr. Satu Pastila as a member of the Irish Blood Transfusion Service Board.  The appointment is from 7 June 2017 to 6 June 2020.

Dr. Satu Pastila is Director of Blood Donation at the Finnish Red Cross Blood Service. She is a graduate of the University of Oula, University of Helsinki, University of Copenhagen, with an Executive Masters of Business Administration from Aalto University, Finland. Her fields of expertise include clinical infectious diseases, infectious diseases epidemiology, tropical medicine ; internal medicine; blood donor selection, infection risks, residual risks, emerging infections in relation to blood banking and  operations management and leadership.

Before working in the FRC Blood Service, she worked for several years as a Consultant in Infectious Diseases, specialising in Tropical Medicine at the University of Copenhagen.

In 2000, she spent four months in Kosovo, as an ICRC delegate and as Hospital Director in a Regional Hospital. In the FRC Blood Service from 2003 until 2008, she was in charge of blood donor selection, blood directive implementation into practise, infection risks and residual risks related to blood components. In 2008, Dr Pastila was appointed the Director of Blood Donation. She is a member of the FRC BS Executive Board since October 2011.