Public Consultation – Review of Mobility Allowance and Motorised Transport Grant

Review of transport solutions for people with disabilities


The Department of Health is holding a public consultation to guide consideration of a replacement solution or solutions for the transport and mobility needs which have been met by the Mobility Allowance and Motorised Transport Grant schemes. These two schemes have recently been closed by the Government, because the Ombudsman has found that they were not consistent with the Equal Status Acts.

Any new solution will use the funds currently spent on these two schemes to meet priority transport needs for people with disabilities, whatever their age.

The purpose of the consultation is to hear the views of the widest possible number of people who have an interest in this and in particular the people who are currently in receipt of either the Mobility Allowance or the Motorised Transport Grant.

All submissions must be made no later than 17:00 hours on Wednesday 17th April 2013.

Mobility Allowance/Motorised Transport Grant Review

Disability Unit

Department of Health

Hawkins House

Hawkins Street

Dublin 2

If you require an alternative format of this form please contact: considerations for any new solution

  • What are the highest priority transport needs?
  • Which people face most difficulties in getting to where they need to go?
  • What should the eligibility criteria be?
  • Should support be in the form of access to transport services rather than individual cash payments?
  • How often should qualification be reviewed?

Submissions will be subject to the provisions of the Freedom of Information Acts and may be subject to release. If a person making a submission considers that any element in it is sensitive, you should indicate that in the space provided at question 10. The reasons for the sensitivity should be clearly specified. The Department will, where possible, consult with the person about any information which he/she has identified as sensitive information before making a decision in response to a request for release under the Freedom of Information Acts.

Note: All sections of the form should be completed. However, it is NOT compulsory for you to provide your name and contact details if you do not wish to do so.