Movement in Health Funding Between 2008 & 2017


The table below analyses the movement in health funding between 2017 & 2008 (which was the previous highest level of funding provided for the health services).

Comparing Funding in Absolute Terms

For the years 2008 to 2015 we have sourced health spend figures from the ‘Databank’ facility provided on the DPER website.For 2016 we have used the 2016 Revised Estimates Volume which includes the €500m in additional funding approved by Government in June of this year. For 2017 we have used the 2017 Budget Book figure.

The initial starting point used is the Health Vote Group. In 2008, this included the Department of Health, the Health Service Executive and the Office of the Minister for Children.

On this basis, the gross level of funding (Exchequer plus other income) provided to the health services in 2017 is €14,607m while the figure in 2008 was €16,039m, or €1,432m higher. On a net exchequer funded basis, the 2017 figure is €358m higher than in 2008.

Adjustment historical numbers to enable comparison

However, in order to enable comparison of funding provided for the delivery of health services on a comparable basis, it is necessary to adjust for changes in the structure of the Health Vote over this period. In this context, the primary issues which would impact on health funding provided for health services over the period include: excluding funding for the Office of the Minister for Children as this is not directly related to the delivery of health services; the transfer of spend on the Child and Family Agency to the Department of Children and Youth Affairs in 2014; the transfer of spend on the Domiciliary Care Allowance to the Department of Social & Family Affairs in 2009; and more recently the disestablishment of the HSE Vote (Vote 39) with effect from 31 January 2015, which had the effect that €1,043m in HSE income which were reported as A-in-A in Vote 39 were excluded from the Vote returns from 1 January 2015.

The HSE income excluded includes Patients charges, Pension Related and Superannuation deductions from staff, prescriptions income, all of which are made available to HSE to support health expenditure. This income is reported in the HSE’s Annual Financial Statements.

Once these adjustments are made, it can be seen that funding provided in 2017, at €14,607m, is €566m greater than 2008, the previous highest level of funding.

Health Funding 2008 – 2017