Expressions of Interest are sought for Appointment as Chairperson of the Dublin Midlands Hospital Group Board

The Minister for Health invites applicants for the role of Chairperson of the Dublin Midlands Hospital Group Board.

Candidate’s attention is drawn to the general details of the role of Chairperson, as set out on page 19 of the Code of Practice for Governance of State Bodies (the Code).  The Principle states:-

  • The Chairperson is responsible for leadership of the Board and ensuring its effectiveness on all aspects of its role.
  • The Chairperson should display high standards of integrity and probity and set expectations regarding culture, values, and behaviours for the State body and for the tone of discussions at Board level.

The ideal candidate will be committed to the delivery of the Dublin Midlands Hospital Group mission.

Candidates will be expected to demonstrate the ability to:

  • Chair a Board which is engaged in complex change, possessing the leadership experience required to ensure that the Board guides, challenges and supports the CEO and Executive management team to deliver major change whilst holding them to account in doing so;
  • Play a central role in relation to the direction, leadership and corporate and clinical governance of the Group;
  • Foster a positive relationship with the Group CEO in order to facilitate the conduct of good governance.

Desirable Skills/Experience

Candidates should have a career history at a sufficiently senior level in a complex organisation of scale or equivalent business experience which would provide evidence of:

  • Experience in financial planning and the presentation and interpretation of financial performance, a capacity to quickly develop an understanding of the economics of health care and the budgets required to achieve the organisation’s mission.
  • A capacity to quickly develop an understanding of the complex legal and regulatory environment in which the Hospital Group Board functions
  • an understanding of the complexity of providing evidence-based, high quality and safe care, including risk management.
  • Knowledge of the Irish healthcare system which would demonstrate  an understanding of the environment in which the Hospital Group operates and the relationship with key stakeholders
  • Awareness of public service management and the environment within which the Board will function
  • International models of governance in healthcare

It should also be noted that the Chairperson, on appointment, will hold information obtained in their role in accordance with public policy and high standards of probity and confidentiality as set out in the Code

In order to qualify for appointment a person must not have any conflicts of interest likely to interfere with his/her ability to assume the role of Chairperson.

A person who is proposed for appointment as Chairperson by the Minister may be required to discuss the approach which they will take to their role as chairperson and their views about the contribution of the Board to the Oireachtas Committee on Health.  Following that discussion, a decision will be taken by the Minister to confirm the nominee as Chairperson.

Appointment to be made by: Minister for Health

Location of Board Meetings: Dublin

Relevant Website:

Information Booklet

Date Board Vacancy Advertised: 14/07/2017

Closing Date for Submission of Expressions of Interest: 18/08/2017

Reference ID: 17138406

To Note: Campaigns for the appointment of a Chairperson of the UL Hospitals Board and for members to the Board of the Childrens Hospital Group will be advertised shortly.