Department of Health – State Board Vacancies

Social Care Workers Registration Board

The Minister for Health will shortly be establishing the Social Care Workers Registration Board under the Health and Social Care Professionals Act 2005 to regulate social care workers practising in Ireland.

Expressions of interest are being invited from suitably qualified and experienced lay and professional persons interested in being appointed to the Social Care Workers Registration Board.

Expressions of interest should be made to the Public Appointments Service. Further information can be found here

The object of the Social Care Workers Registration Board will be to protect the public by fostering high standards of professional conduct and professional education, training and competence amongst social care workers. Its functions will include

  • Establishing and maintaining a register of members of the profession of social care worker
  • Deciding on applications for registration and issuing certificates of registration
  • Setting the standards of performance and the code of conduct and ethics expected of registrants
  • Giving guidance to registrants concerning ethical conduct, practice of the profession, and continuing professional development
  • Monitoring the continuing suitability of programmes for the education & training of applicants for registration
  • Approving new courses
  • Approving qualifications
  • Making recommendations with respect to sanctions in Fitness to Practise cases
  • With the approval of the Council, conducting research into education & training relating to the practice of the profession
  • Maintaining statistical records which must be available for research & planning
  • Recognising qualifications gained outside the state in the boards function of Competent Authority

The Social Care Workers Registration Board will have collective responsibility to the public in the performance of its duties.