Consultation on Statement of Strategy 2011 – 2014

Call for submissions

The Programme for Government sets out plans to introduce radical change to the health system and the Department of Health will play a pivotal role in making this happen. The role of the Department is to provide policy, performance, legislative, planning and governance support to the Minister and Ministers of State in order to ensure delivery of high quality and effective health and social services within available resources and in accordance with Government policies. This must be done in a way which gives people fair access to services and other supports which meet their needs.

As required under the Public Service Management Act, 1997, we are currently preparing our Statement of Strategy to cover the period 2011 – 2014 and wish to invite interested parties to submit their views on the shape and content that this new Strategy should take. The Statement will set out our high level goals and objectives as well as the strategies to be used to achieve them. The Statement will also provide information on how we will monitor progress in achieving our goals by identifying measurable outputs, outcomes and performance indicators. We may also contact some key stakeholders directly with a view to encouraging the making of submissions.


Written submissions (electronic format favoured) should be clearly marked “Statement of Strategy 2011 Р2014 and sent before 22 July 2011 to:

Ms Helen Matthews
Business Support Unit
Department of Health
Hawkins House
Dublin 2


Freedom of Information

Please note that it is intended that all submissions received will be made available under the Freedom of Information Acts and as such will be published on our website following the publication of the Statement of Strategy.

Relevant Documents

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