Appointments to the new Medical Scientists Registration Board

The Minister for Health, Simon Harris TD has appointed the following twelve persons as Ordinary members of the recently established Medical Scientists Registration Board, under the Health and Social Care Professionals Act 2005, to regulate medical scientists working in Ireland.

The object of the Medical Scientists Registration Board, overseen by the Health and Social Care Professionals Council, will be to protect the public by fostering high standards of professional conduct and professional education, training and competence amongst medical scientists.

The appointments are for a period of 4 years with effect from 9th November 2016, subject to paragraph 3 of Schedule 2 of the Health and Social Care Professionals Act 2005.

The following 8 persons were nominated and appointed by the Minister for Health following a Public Appointments Service (PAS) advertising campaign:

Ms Marie Culliton is the Deputy Chairperson of the Health and Social Care Professionals Council (CORU). Ms Culliton also chairs CORU’s Registration Committee in addition to sitting on the Fitness to Practice committee. Her qualifications include an MSc in Clinical Biochemistry and MBA in Healthcare Management, providing Ms Culliton with a combination of science and governance expertise. As President of the European Association of Biomedical Scientists and past President of the Academy of Clinical Science and Laboratory Medicine, Ms Culliton also has extensive knowledge of the profession of Medical Scientists both in Ireland and in Europe. As Laboratory Manager in the National Maternity Hospital Ms Culliton has gained expertise on the management of laboratory services, each of its specialties, and a commitment to the development of the medical scientists’ profession.

Ms Bernadette Jackson has several years’ experience working as a Medical Scientist at different sites including Naas General Hospital (NGH) for four years. Ms Jackson is active within her profession, chairing The Academy of Clinical Science and Laboratory Medicine (ACSLM) Scientific Committees and participating in National Committees e.g. Reference Ranges and Point of Care. Ms Jackson has supervised many BSc and MSc Theses and participated in the ACSLM Presidents Prize judging panel for the past 5 years. Ms Jackson currently manages the Point of Care Service in NGH, procuring and verifying equipment and training non-scientific staff in the use of equipment used outside of the laboratory for testing purposes in an acute setting. Ms Jackson is the Former Chairperson of the Clinical Chemistry Advisory Body.

Ms Helen Lambkin has extensive experience of education and training of medical scientists through her career as a lecturer in Dublin Institute of Technology, at BSc, MSc and PhD level. Ms Lambkin has been a member of the Membership Committee of the Academy of Clinical Science and Laboratory Medicine [formerly AMLS] for 3 years and is currently the Chair of that Committee. She has been involved in providing review and advice on education in Biomedical Science for many years and has written guidelines for Irish scientists on the education pathways and qualifications required. Ms Lambkin is also an active member of the Institute of Biomedical Science [UK]. Before entering the education sector Ms Lambkin was a Medical laboratory scientist/Senior Medical Scientist for 13 years.

Ms Cliodhna Foley Nolan’s career has spanned clinical hospital medicine, C3 Community Care, HSE Public Health Specialist and most recently as Director of Safe food. In all these roles she has worked in multidisciplinary teams with colleagues from a range of disciplines relevant to CORU. As Director of Community Care and Medical Officer of Health in Community Care she acted as manager to health and social care professionals.

Ms Foley Nolan has previous State Board experience in the Food Safety Authority of Ireland, the Veterinary Council and the RCPI Faculty of Public Health Medicine and has served on Education and Fitness to Practice groups.

Mr John O’Loughlin has extensive experience in both laboratory management and as a hospital Quality and Risk manager. As a second generation Medical Scientist, Mr O’Loughlin has a lifelong interest in the profession in terms of quality, practice, management and education and strongly believes in promoting the profession and ensuring the very highest standards are maintained.

Mr O’Loughlin is an external examiner for the Dublin Institute of Technology Biomedical Science BSC and is a guest lecturer in laboratory management for the MSc course. He is also involved in the National Standards Authority of Ireland technical committees drafting up ISO standards for bio-medical Laboratory’s and is the chair of the Irish National Accreditation Board Medical Advisory Committee.

Mr O’Loughlin previously worked as Quality and Risk Manager in the Hermitage Medical Clinic. He currently works as Laboratory Manager in the Rotunda Hospital.

Mr Brendan O’Reilly was Lead Chief Medical Scientist of Microbiology in Cork University Hospital (CUH) from 2010 to 2014. Mr O’Reilly subsequently became Laboratory Manager of CUH Laboratory Medicine where he is currently in post. Mr O’Reilly has gained valuable experience undertaking voluntary work in pre-hospital care settings in addition to his being a registered Emergency Medical Technician on the Pre Hospital Emergency Care Council (PHECC) Register. Being a member of PHECC has provided Mr O’Reilly with a good understanding of the various functions and roles of registration boards.

Ms Irene Regan has worked as a Medical Scientist since 1993; taking up a senior post in the Coombe University Hospital in 2002 and subsequently moving to Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital in 2005 as Chief Medical Scientist. Ms Regan is committed to promoting and ensuring transparency, accountability and fairness within organisational structures. She is a member of many National Committees, demonstrating Ms Regan’s commitment to acting with integrity, ethically and to the highest professional standards.

Ms Pauline Treanor was Director of Midwifery/Nursing in the Rotunda Hospital for over seven years before taking on her current role of Hospital Secretary General Manager in 2008. Ms Treanor has a proven track record in senior management with experience in supporting a Board as well as serving as a member of a Board. Ms Treanor looks forward to using her communication and decision making skills to contribute to the work of the Medical Scientist Registration Board.

The following three persons were nominated and appointed by the Minister for Health with the consent of the Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation following a PAS advertising campaign:

Mr Vincent Hunt is a Business Economist, a business practitioner, and a lecturer in Strategic Management. As a senior executive, Mr Hunt has experience in Executive Management, Strategic Planning, and Corporate Governance. Change was the subject matter of his doctoral thesis. Mr Hunt has worked in the demanding regulatory environment of military aviation and would like to bring these skills to the Medical Scientist Registration Board.

Mr Hunt was Managing Director in Farlex International Ltd until November 2014 when he became self-employed as an ICT Consultant.

Mr Maurice Keady has worked in Executive Management for 21 years as CEO of the National Milk Agency. He has experience of risk and risk management and audit committees in 3 organisations. Mr Keady has a Doctorate of Governance and currently lectures in Strategic Planning and Change Management. He has experience as a regulator, having responsibility for the establishment and maintenance of 3 public statutory registers. Mr Keady also has a legal background having worked as a Commercial Lawyer in A&L Goodbody (1991 – 1995).

Ms Wendy Kennedy was previously the Finance Manager and recently took up the post of Director of Corporate Services in the Medical Council. The Medical Council’s primary function is the registration of medical practitioners; therefore Ms Kennedy is acutely aware of the role and responsibilities of the Medical Scientists Registration Board. Ms Kennedy has a background in Medical Chemistry with a keen interest in the wider profession through the maintenance of high of standards in ethics, clinical performance and education. Ms Kennedy welcomes the opportunity to become involved in a regulatory role to ensure that the profession of Medical Scientist is held in the highest regard and that the public are protected and served with professional confidence.

The following person was nominated by the Minister for Education and Skills and appointed by the Minister for Health:

Professor Mary Hunt was nominated by the Minister for Education and Skills in recognition of her extensive experience in the education and training of Medical Scientists at undergraduate and post graduate level. As Head of School of Biological Sciences she leads the development of strategy in teaching, research and engagement. Professor Hunt has worked with CORU in the last two years in the approval of education programmes for other professions, and has fully supported the development of Advanced Practise programmes for the Medical Science profession at CPD and MSc level in DIT.