Appointments to the Board of the Dublin Dental Hospital

In accordance with the Government’s recent decision to widen the opportunity for board membership of State Bodies, the Minister for Health, Leo Varadkar TD, invites expressions of interest from suitably qualified and experienced persons interested in being appointed to fill vacancies for a Chairperson and board members which will arise on the Board of the Dublin Dental Hospital on 31 December 2014.

Applications will be accepted up to and including 18th September 2014


The DublinDentalHospital was originally a voluntary institution. It was replaced by Statutory Board appointed by the Minister of Health through the Health (Corporate Bodies) Act 1961 and the Dublin Dental Hospital (Establishment) Order 1963 (SI No 129 of 1963).

The three core activities of the Dublin Dental Hospital are education, clinical dental services and research.  The Dublin Dental Hospital is governed by a Board, appointed by the Minister for Health. The Dublin Dental Hospital has a unique, and very important, relationship with Trinity College Dublin with which it co-operates in the education and training of students.

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The Dublin Dental Hospital is currently governed by a 14 member Board appointed by the Minister for Health as follows:

  • Chairperson
  • 3      nominees of University of Dublin, Trinity College
  • 1      nominee of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland
  • 2      proposed by the Irish Dental Association
  • 2      proposed by the Minister for Education and Skills
  • 4      nominees of the Minister for Health
  • 1      proposed, following election, as a staff representative

Information on the current Board of the Dublin Dental Hospital (DDH) can be found on the DDH website

The term of office for a member of the Board will be for a period not exceeding four years. The term of office of the current Board ends on 31 December 2014.

The role of the Board is to set strategy, monitor performance against it, engage in risk management and appoint and monitor the performance of key staff. The Board delegates responsibility for day to day operations to the CEO, who works with the Executive Team, (consisting of the CEO, Dean and Clinical Director), to deploy the resources of the DublinDentalHospital in the achievement of its strategic objectives. All members of the Executive Team are invited to attend all Board meetings.

The Board meets six times annually and may hold such other meetings as are necessary for the performance of its functions.  In addition, non executive Board members will be required to sit on Committees of the Board (currently there are two committees namely; the Audit Committee and the Performance and Succession Committee).


Board Member Expertise

Persons who meet the following criteria are being sought for the new Board

1.      Holds a qualification/has experience in one or more of the areas of

(i)     Financial / Auditing

(ii)    Human Resources

(iii)   Information Technology

(iv)   Legal Skills

(v)    Managing a Business

(vi)  Public and Media Relations

(vii) Risk Management and Quality

(viii) Strategic and Business Planning




2. Has the expertise, interests or experience (or such combination of any of them) as would, in the opinion of the Minister, enable them to make a substantial contribution to the performance of the Board’s functions.


  1. The ideal person will additionally have:
  • Knowledge of the Irish health system, higher education system and research.
  • An understanding of the environment that the Dublin Dental Hospital operates in, the relationships with key stakeholders including the Department of Health, the Health Service Executive and the Department of Education and Skills.
  • Knowledge of the institution.  Understands the ethos, values, mission and strategy of the institution. Understands the complexity of the organisation’s challenges.
  • Knowledge of the legal and regulatory environment.
  • Knowledge of corporate governance.  Know the difference between governance and management.  Understand the fiduciary role of Board members,

and will

  • Have effective  judgement.  Consider diverse opinion and maintain own values and options despite opposition and influence;
  • Be open-minded and independent thinking;
  • Have effective communication skills;
  • Be improvement focussed.  Consider information and follow a logical sequence to make decisions;
  • Have an orientation to negotiation and conflict resolution.  Ensure that conflicts are resolved through negotiation.


Additional Information

It should also be noted that Board members on appointment assume significant duties such as responsibility for the proper conduct of the organisation‘s affairs, to hold information obtained in their role as Board member confidential and to act in accordance with public policy and high standards of probity.

In order to qualify for appointment a person must not have any conflicts of interest likely to interfere with his/her ability to play a full part on the Board.

How to apply

Anyone interested in being considered for appointment as a Board member should submit an application form via the following link together with a detailed Curriculum Vitae and Competency questionnaire.