Appointment to the Occupational Therapists Registration Board

On the nomination of the Minister for Education and Skills, the Minister for Health, Simon Harris TD has re-appointed the following person as a member of the Occupational Therapists Registration Board.  This re-appointment is with effect from 24 August 2019 to 13 February 2023.


Professor Catherine McCabe

Prof McCabe is a Registered General Nurse with over 20 years’ experience in nursing and healthcare practice, education and research. She is an Associate Professor and has worked in Trinity College Dublin, School of Nursing and Midwifery since 2002. Her research interests and expertise are in such areas as critical/acute care (pain management, sepsis and clinical decision making), digital health (prevention and early detection/management of deteriorating patients), cancer care and communication in healthcare.

Professor McCabe has a particular interest in how technology can be used in health care contexts to improve care, patient experiences in acute care settings, and quality of life and has worked on various interdisciplinary collaborative technology projects with Intel, TRIL and St James’ Hospital on the use of ICT to promote early detection of deterioration, patient participation in healthcare, independence, self-management and quality of life.

Prof McCabe led the development of an interdisciplinary MSc in Community Health which commenced in 2016 and is currently module leader for an interdisciplinary online module in dementia care.