Health Act 2004

Number 42 of 2004

An Act to establish a body to be known as Feidhmeannacht Na Seirbhíse Sláinte or in the english language as the Health Service Executive and to provide for the dissolution of the Eastern Regional Health Authority, the Northern Area Health Board, the East Coast Area Health Board, the Southwestern Area Health Board, the Health Boards established under the Health Act 1970 and certain other bodies; to provide for the transfer of the functions of the dissolved bodies and their employees to the Health Service Executive; to establish mechanisms for involving public representatives, users of health and personal social services and other members of the public in matters relating to those services; to establish a statutory framework for handling certain complaints relating to health and personal social services; to establish mechanisms for the future dissolution of certain other health bodies and for the transfer of their functions and employees to the Health Service Executive; and to provide for related matters.