Customer Charter

Our Services

The Department’s statutory role is to support the Minister in the formulation and evaluation of policies for the health services. Delivering a quality service is one of our objectives.

Our Commitment to You

We will provide you with a high quality customer service in an efficient and courteous manner. We are committed to the twelve principles of Quality Customer Service as approved by Government.


We will provide timely and accurate information through our website, our Customer Service Desk and through individual areas.

  • All correspondence will be acknowledged, generally within 5 working days.
  • Final replies will issue within 20 working days and where this is not possible an interim reply will issue before the 20 day period is up.
  • All correspondence issued will contain a reference number (where applicable).
  • Staff will furnish their name and contact details on all correspondence where appropriate
  • All correspondence issuing will be in clear language that is understandable and concise.

If we can’t provide you with the information or the service that you require we will endeavour to direct you to the appropriate agency.

Equality and Diversity

We will deal with you in a fair and open manner in the spirit of the Equal Status Act, 2000. We will endeavour to address the needs of particular customer groups when formulating policy.


We will work with other Government Departments and Agencies to co-ordinate our services to you.


Every effort will be made to accommodate people who wish to conduct their business through the medium of Irish.

Seirbhís i nGaeilge
Déanfaidh an Roinn gach iarracht chun freastal ar dhaoine ar mian leo a ngnó a dhéanamh trí mheánna Gaeilge.

Signage at our public offices will be available in both Irish and English. We will try to provide a service through sign language and other languages where possible.

Complaints and Appeals

If you are unhappy with any aspect of our service please inform us and we will try to rectify the problem. We have formal complaints and appeals procedures. You may also refer complaints to the Ombudsman if you wish.

Feedback: Help us to help you

Please let us know what you think of the service we provide by submitting comments, views and suggestions. We will always endeavour to use this feedback to assist us in providing the best possible customer service. If you were happy with the service provided please let us know. It’s always nice to hear. Please email us.

This document is not legally binding.