About Us

Our role is to serve the public and support the Minister for Health, Ministers of State and the Government by providing:

  • Leadership and policy direction for the health sector to improve health outcomes
  • Governance and performance oversight to ensure accountable and high quality services
  • An organisational environment where, on an ongoing basis, high performance is achieved, collaborative working is valued and the knowledge and skills of staff are developed
  • Collaboration to achieve health priorities and contribute to wider social and economic goals

Our mission is to improve the health and wellbeing of people in Ireland by:

  • Keeping people healthy;
  • Providing the healthcare people need;
  • Delivering high quality services;
  • Getting best value from health system resources.

Our values are:

  • A deep-rooted public service ethos of independence, integrity, impartiality, equality, fairness and respect
  • A culture of accountability, efficiency and value for money
  • The highest standards of professionalism, leadership and rigour

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