Statement of Strategy 2016-2019

This is the Statement of Strategy for the Department of Health for the period 2016-2019. It sets out our mission, our values, and our role and main functions. It describes the current environment in which health and social services are to be delivered and identifies a number of underlying themes that will inform our work

Lourdes Hospital Payment Scheme Final Report 2016

In November 2013, the then Minister for Health, Dr James Reilly TD, announced that approximately 35 women who had undergone bilateral oophorectomy procedures and who had been excluded, on age grounds alone, from the original Lourdes Hospital Redress Scheme in 2007, would be provided with ex gratia awards, subject to the appropriate proofs required under

The Surgical Symphysiotomy Ex Gratia Payment Scheme Report

The Minister for Health, Simon Harris TD, has today published Judge Maureen Harding Clark’s Report on the Surgical Symphysiotomy Ex-gratia Payment Scheme. The Surgical Symphysiotomy Ex-gratia Payment Scheme, which was approved by Government, was established on 10 November, 2014. Judge Maureen Harding Clark was appointed independent Assessor to the Scheme. The Surgical Symphysiotomy Ex Gratia

Prevalence of Drug Use and Gambling in Ireland and Drug Use in Northern Ireland – Bulletin 1

This Bulletin presents the key findings from the fourth drug prevalence survey of households in Ireland and Northern Ireland. Within Ireland the survey sampled a representative number of people aged 15+ from August 2014 to August 2015. Within Northern Ireland a representative sample of persons aged 15-64 years was selected. The survey was carried out according to standards set by the European Monitoring

Positive Ageing 2016 – National Indicators Report

This first Positive Ageing National Indicator report presents findings from a wide range of existing resources on what matters for older people. It sets out the evidence under the three pillars identified in the National Positive Ageing Strategy i.e. Participation, Health and Security as well as the cross-cutting objectives of combating ageism and increasing access to

Review of Certain Matters Relating to a Disability Service in the South East

The Minister of State with responsibility for Disabilities, Finian McGrath TD has published the report of Conor Dignam SC. Mr. Dignam was asked by the Minister of State’s predecessor, former Minister of State Kathleen Lynch, to look into certain matters relating, in particular, to two previous reports on foster care commissioned by the HSE and

Healthy Ireland Survey 2016 Summary Findings

This report provides an overview of results from the second wave of the Healthy Ireland Survey, an annual interviewer administered face-to-face survey commissioned by the Department of Health. The survey data plays a number of roles, including supporting the Department in ongoing engagement and awareness-raising activities in the various policy areas and supporting better policy development. Healthy Ireland Survey 2016 – Summary of

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