Patient Safety Surveillance

A national patient safety surveillance system will be established in 2017 which will provide evidence to inform patient safety policy and leadership decisions, bring data from many sources together to inform prioritisation and monitoring of implementation. This creates the opportunity to address the ‘precursors to harm, and not just the harm itself’ and help to develop a ‘problem sensing’ culture that actively seeks patient safety alerts.

A surveillance system is likely to include, but is not limited to, elements on clinical activity, clinical outcomes, complaints trends, notifications to the Health Products Regulatory Authority, information from the Coroner and the State Claims Agency. The collection of data is not an endpoint and it is important that the surveillance of patient safety profiles for patients, service and clinical cohorts is part of the quality improvement cyclical process.  It will also assist in identifying and developing processes to address data gaps of importance.

HIQA – international review of patient safety surveillance systems