Chief Nursing Officer

Dr Siobhan O’Halloran

Message from Dr. Siobhan O’ Halloran, Chief Nursing Officer

No one can deny that the last few years have been challenging for the health service and, in particular, for nurses and midwives.  The challenges we continue to face include ensuring that a nursing and midwifery perspective is brought to bear on policy development; that nurses and midwives input to the development of health services; that nurses and midwives have the flexibility to cope with the demands of the health service and its users; and that the skills and experience of nurses and midwives are utilised to their full extent.

The time is right to focus on the future and how we can improve the health service, for service users, through the work of nurses and midwives.  The establishment of the Office of the CNO, as a Division on the Department of Health, is a great opportunity to shape nursing and midwifery policy around the needs of the health service.

The Office of the CNO cannot make the improvements it believes are necessary without a plan to implement and monitor specific relevant actions.  That is why a three-year strategy to enhance the Office has been developed.

I am confident that by implementing this Strategy, the Office of the CNO will realise its vision of a future where the contribution of nurses and midwives to the achievement of national public health goals is optimised.

I look forward to working with all of our partners and stakeholders to make this vision a reality.

Strategy for the Office of the Chief Nursing Officer 2015-2017

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