Finance Unit

We are preparing for the return of the HSE Vote to the Vote of the Office of the Minister for Health in 2015, and developing appropriate expenditure and cash management procedures to manage the new arrangements.  Click here for more.

We ensure that the Estimates bids for the Health Group of Votes are timely, comprehensive, accurately costed, agreed with Department of Public Expenditure & Reform and ultimately receive Dáil approval.  We supervise and report to Department management, Department of Public Expenditure & Reform and Government in respect of expenditure on the Health Group of Votes.

Administer the National Lottery Discretionary Fund.

We manage and develop the accounting function of the Department to meet all payment deadlines for health grants, invoices and payroll, and prepare the Appropriation Accounts for Vote 38 (DoH); provide the accounts function for Vote 40 (DCYA) to meet all payment deadlines for grants, invoices and payroll and assist in the preparation of Appropriation Accounts for Vote 40.

We strategically manage the capital programme (excluding ICT) for the HSE and account for capital grants for agencies directly funded by the Department.  Click here to access the HSE capital programme.

We co-ordinate the Department’s input into the preparation of the HSE’s annual National Service Plan and monitor the HSE’s performance on an ongoing basis.  Read the 2014 HSE Service Plan here.

We liaise with the HSE in relation to the reimbursement between Member States of healthcare costs arising under EU Regulations and represent Ireland at the EU Audit Board of the Administrative Commission for the Coordination of Social Security Systems.

We administer the UK/Ireland Bilateral Healthcare Reimbursement Agreement in relation to the reimbursement of costs arising from the application of EU Regulations pertaining to migrant workers (including UK and Irish pensioners).

We review the annual financial statements of the HSE and statutory health bodies and co-ordinate the presentation of financial statements of statutory health bodies to the Oireachtas as well as managing the Consultancy Services budget of the Department (A7 subhead).


Principal Officers Fiona Prendergast
John Keegan
Professional Accountant Eunan Watters
Assistant Principal Officers Helen Minogue
Tony O’Reilly
Christina MacCarthy
Antoinette François
Brendan Murphy
Telephone 01-6354000