Value for Money and Policy Review of Disability Services

The Review is a multi-year project which will result in very significant changes to the way in which services and supports for people with disabilities are delivered.

The National Implementation Framework outlines the steps to be taken in the initial phase of the implementation process. A more detailed implementation plan will follow the completion of the policy appraisal recommended in the VFM Review and required for all significant public service expenditure and policy proposals.

The National Implementation Framework specifies that the role of the HSE is to deliver the recommendations in the VFM Review. That responsibility has been assigned to the Head of Operations for the Disability Services who works to the National Director of Social Care, who has overall operational responsibility for Disability Services and Services for Older People in the Social Care Directorate.

A Steering Group has been established click here for more details.

Demonstration projects have been initiated click here for more details.

A working group structure has been put in place click here for more details.