The Government’s vision is that Disability Services should contribute to the realisation of a society where people with disabilities are supported, as far as possible, to participate to their full potential in economic and social life, and have access to a range of quality personal social supports and services to enhance their quality of life and well-being.

This Vision for Disability Service is embodied in two overarching policy goals:

Goal 1    

Full inclusion and self-determination for people with disabilities through access to the individualised personal social supports and services needed to live a fully included life in the community.

Goal 2    

The creation of a cost-effective, responsive and accountable system which will support the full inclusion and self-determination of people with disabilities.

The HSE provides a range of services for people with intellectual, physical and sensory disabilities or autism which support the Government’s policy goals. Click here to view further information on the services they provide.

Personal Social Supports

In this context, personal social supports refer to any non-clinical supports provided by the health service, such as the provision of care, therapeutic supports, training, early childhood intervention, assistance with daily living, aids and appliances, welfare and protection, communication and advocacy support

Reform of the Disability Sector
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