Corporate Legislation Unit

What we do

The principal role of Corporate Legislation Unit is to prepare some cross cutting Bills in the Department of Health’s legislative programme in consultation with relevant policy Units in the Department and to support the Minister in taking those Bills through the Oireachtas. Corporate Legislation Unit also coordinates the Department’s Legislative Programme.  Information on Bills the unit is currently working on is given below.

Health Information and Patient Safety Bill

The Health Information and Patient Safety Bill will contain provisions dealing principally with the following areas: health information, research ethics and patient safety. The General Scheme of the Bill was approved by Government in November 2015.

Provisions on Open Disclosure to Patients

Legislative provisions to support open disclosure to patients of patient safety incidents that will enhance patient care and safety have been developed.  It is intended that these provisions will be included in legislation to provide for Periodic Payment Orders (being prepared by the Department of Justice and Equality). The General Scheme of the provisions approved by Government in November 2015.

Patient Safety Licensing Bill

This Bill will provide for a mandatory system of licensing for public and private health service providers. Legislative proposals are being advanced and once finalised, will be submitted to Government seeking approval to publish a general scheme and Heads of a Bill.

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