Open Consultations:


Consultation on Home Care Services

The Department of Health is developing a new statutory scheme and system of regulation for home care services. To help inform this process, the Department would like to find out what the public thinks about current home care services – what is working well and what needs to be improved. We also want to hear the public’s views on what the future scheme should look like.

Have Your Say – complete the online questionnaire:

Further information on the Home Care consultation.

Closing date for submission: 6pm, Thursday 31st August, 2017


Draft National Strategic Framework for Health Workforce Planning

The provision of high quality health and social care services depends on having a sufficiently numerous and appropriately trained workforce in place at national, regional and local levels. In this context, in June 2016, the Department of Health convened a Cross-Sectoral Steering Group to develop a strategic framework for health workforce planning for Ireland that will support the recruitment and retention of the right mix of health workers across the health system to meet planned and projected service need.

Stakeholder views are now invited on the Draft National Strategic Framework for Health Workforce Planning report.

Have Your Say – complete the online questionnaire on Health Workforce Planning.

Queries can be addressed to Respondees to this questionnaire should note that their input: may be published; and will be subject to the provisions of the Freedom of Information Acts.

Closing date for submissions: Friday, 21st July 2017


Consultations Now Closed:


Basic Safety Standards (BSS) Directive

The Department of Health would like to hear your views on the transposition of certain provisions of COUNCIL DIRECTIVE 2013/59/EURATOM laying down basic safety standards for protection against the dangers arising from exposure to ionising radiation (Commonly known as the Basic Safety Standards (BSS) Directive).

Further information on the Basic Safety Standards Directive consultation.

Closing date for submissions: 5pm, Friday 30th June 2017


Patient Safety Complaints and Advocacy Policy

We would like to hear the views of the public, patients, service users, staff and interested organisations on what is working well, what is not working well and suggestions for improvements in relation to complaints and advocacy. This public consultation will inform the development of a policy on Patient Safety Complaints and Advocacy.

 Further information on the Patient Safety consultation.



Healthy Ireland – Healthy Workplace Framework

The development of the Healthy Workplace Framework is an initiative under the Healthy Ireland agenda and is being led by the Departments of Health and the Department of Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, in partnership with stakeholders.

Read the Briefing Paper on the Healthy Workplace Consultation.


Development of a Community Nursing and Midwifery Response to an Integrated Model of Care

The model of care proposed in this draft policy is one that offers the individual, family and community a range of choices. This will be facilitated through the re-organisation of the existing nursing and midwifery workforce in the community to provide a proactive rather than reactive model of care.

Further information on the Nursing & Midwifery Response to an integrated model of care consultation.

       Closing date for submissions: 28 April 2017


Graduate, specialist and advanced nursing and midwifery practice

The draft policy will present a framework for graduate, specialist and advanced nursing and midwifery practice capable of developing a critical mass of nurses and midwives to address emerging and future service needs including driving integration between services. The overarching principle underpinning the policy is to develop the nursing and midwifery resource in response to patient and service need.

       Further information on the Graduate, Specialist and advanced nursing consultation.

       Closing date for submissions: 28 April 2017