Cancer, Blood and Organs Policy Unit

Cancer Policy

In Cancer Policy Unit, we are responsible for developing policy to support a national cancer control system, including the implementation of A Strategy for Cancer Control in Ireland.

We oversee and report on the HSE’s National Cancer Control Programme to ensure the implementation of policy and the effective delivery of cancer services and monitor the HSE’s performance against agreed standards.  We support and fund the National Cancer Registry and work to develop national radiotherapy services.

We participate in the All Ireland Cancer Consortium with Northern Ireland and the National Cancer Institute in the United States and in European Joint Actions on cancer.

Blood and Organs Policy

In this Unit we lead and co-ordinate on policy development in relation to the use of blood, tissues and organsWe support and monitor the standards and delivery of services relating to the use of blood, tissues and organs in Ireland in order that they comply with high international standards for quality and safety.

Functions and Responsibilities
  • To have policies in place to ensure the delivery of high quality organ donation and transplantation services that will lead to increased levels of organ donation and transplantation in line with EU Directives and EU Action Plan on Organ Donation and Transplantation.
  • To ensure that policies and structures are in place to facilitate the delivery of services relating to the use of blood and tissues in Ireland in compliance with international standards for quality and safety
  • To deal with issues arising in relation to the Hepatitis C and HIV Compensation Tribunal, including the management of High Court and Supreme Court cases relating to Hepatitis C and HIV on behalf of the Minister.
  • Governance of the Irish Blood Transfusion Service, including evaluation of performance objectives, sales and financial targets.


Principal Officer Michael Conroy
(01) 6354221
Assistant Principal Officer

Blood and Organs Policy

Maeve O’Brien
(01) 6354732


Keith Comiskey