Acute Hospitals Policy Unit 1

Responsibilities include

  • Oversight and monitoring of, the Special Delivery Unit, the National Treatment Purchase Fund and the broader HSE in relation to performance improvement in acute services by reference to the HSE Service Plan;
  • Collaboration with the Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety, Northern Ireland in respect of acute hospital services, in particular congenital cardiac services
  • Working with other Divisions to provide acute hospital policy input to related system reforms and ensure integrated strategic perspective to acute services reforms;
  • Oversight of, and reporting on, acute hospital services in the Dublin North East and the West/North West Hospital Groups;
  • Oversight of, and reporting on, the National Treatment Purchase Fund;
  • Administration of Board appointments in respect of the NTPF and hospitals in the above Hospital Groups, as appropriate.




Principal Officer: Marita Kinsella
Assistant Principal: Miriam Joyce
Phone 01-6354000