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New plan to implement the National Maternity Strategy and ensure women, their babies and their families get safe, quality and dignified care – Minister Harris

The Minister for Health, Simon Harris, TD, today launched the National Maternity Strategy HSE Implementation Plan and formally launched the National Women and Infants Health Programme. The Programme has been established within the HSE to lead the management, organisation and delivery of maternity, gynaecological and neonatal services. The Programme will lead the implementation of the

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General Scheme of the Assisted Human Reproduction Bill 2017

The General Scheme of the Assisted Human Reproduction Bill 2017 was approved by the Government on 3rd of October 2017. The purpose of the Bill is to provide for the regulation of a range of practices, including: gamete (sperm or egg) and embryo donation for assisted human reproduction (AHR) and research; surrogacy; pre-implantation genetic diagnosis

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Our new National Cancer Strategy 2017 – 2026 is an ambitious 10 year plan that aims for survival rates that will be among the top in Europe, by focusing on prevention, early diagnosis, treatment and quality of life.

The Strategy sets out four goals that will be crucial to the achievement of this vision, with a number of objectives pertaining to each goal. The goals are as follows:

  • Reduce the Cancer Burden;
  • Provide Optimal Care;
  • Maximise Patient Involvement and Quality of Life; and
  • Enable and Assure Change.

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