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Plans to increase access to cost-effective biosimilar medicines move forward with opening of public consultation – Minister Harris

Ireland’s first National Biosimilar Medicines Policy aims to deliver more for patients and taxpayers Minister for Health, Simon Harris, TD, today announced the opening of a public consultation on biosimilar medicines. The consultation will inform the development of Ireland’s first National Biosimilar Medicines Policy, with the aim of increasing the use of these more cost-effective

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Relocation of the European Medicines Agency to Dublin

The European Medicines Agency plays a vital role in the protection of the health of over 500 million European citizens through the scientific evaluation and safety monitoring of human and veterinary medicines. The Irish Government believes that relocating the EMA to Dublin is the best choice for Europe.

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Our new National Cancer Strategy 2017 – 2026 is an ambitious 10 year plan that aims for survival rates that will be among the top in Europe, by focusing on prevention, early diagnosis, treatment and quality of life.

The Strategy sets out four goals that will be crucial to the achievement of this vision, with a number of objectives pertaining to each goal. The goals are as follows:

  • Reduce the Cancer Burden;
  • Provide Optimal Care;
  • Maximise Patient Involvement and Quality of Life; and
  • Enable and Assure Change.

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